Fabian Westerheide, CEO Rise of AI, speaks regularly with one exciting personality from the global Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem. He speaks with bold investors, amazing researchers, critical policy-makers, exciting entrepreneurs and visionary futurists about the state of AI and much more. Read our FAQ if you need help to register. 



Can AI upgrade our manufacturing industry?

Ronnie Vuine (CEO micropsi industries) joined Fabian Westerheide at the Rise of AI Studio in Berlin. 

Fabian Westerheide and his guests Michael Brehm (CEO i2x) will discussed how AI can provide the best customer experience without knowing everything.

Chances & Challenges with Open Innovation to drive AI adoption

Marcel ‘Otto’ Yon is an AI pioneer and serial entrepreneur. Otto served as CEO of the German Armed Forces digital innovation unit under two defense ministers with a mission to accelerate disruptive innovations to the soldier and develop a lean start-up as a military capability. With Fabian, he will share his learnings and insights on how to integrate open innovation at large companies and public authorities.

This special Virtual Chat episode is co-hosted by KI Park, who runs an open-innovation platform for AI projects providing companies access to applied AI challenges

Dr. Christian Guttmann is a startup founder, professor and Chief AI Officer at TietoEVRY. With Fabian, he will talk about how to create a feasible, sustainable AI roadmap for your business. They will discuss which AI projects to start with and share lessons learned in failing and succeeding in implementing AI.

Industrial Applied AI

Dr. Ulli Waltinger is Head of Machine Intelligence Research Group and Technology Head of the Siemens AI Lab. With Fabian, he will discuss Industrial AI, and what it means to use AI for industrial processes and automation.

Dr. Kristian Kersting is a Professor for Machine Learning at TU Darmstadt. Kristian and Fabian will discuss moral choice machines, reasoning-based approaches and cognitive models to create the next generation of robust AI.

The impact of AI on the future of warfare

Dr. Ulrike Franke (Policy Fellow at European Council on Foreign Relations) & Fabian will have a lively discussion on the use of AI in the European military. We will speak about different national AI defense approaches, a missing European strategy, advantages and challenges using AI in the military and the future of warfare.

Europe’s fight for control over data and AI

Damian Boeselager (Member of European Parliament) and Fabian Westerheide will discuss the European Data strategy, its implications and consequences for the European AI ecosystem.

Building a money printing machine with AI

Raul Glavan is leading the 2020 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading with his self coded automated (AI) trading system. During this Rise of AI Virtual Chat Raul and Fabian will talk about AIs earning money, while we sleep; data driven trading; the future of digital asset management; inequality in the hyper capitalistic society and unconditional basic income.

What if… ? Let’s think crazy

Mario Brandenburg is technology policy spokesman for the Free Democrats in the German Bundestag; as well as spokesman on the commission for Artificial Intelligence.
Together with Fabian and the live audience, Mario will answer 10+ “What if” questions. This is the opportunity to go crazy and ask the impossible questions. What if you could upload yourself? What if machines had citizen rights? What if DNA modifications are free for everyone?

Can we still hide secrets from AIs?

Shaun Moore is CEO & Founder of Trueface, a Los Angeles based AI company offering face recognition, object recognition, threat detection, age analysis and more. Fabian & Shaun will have a heated discussion about digital surveillance technologies and privacy in the era of Big (AI) Mother always analysis us.

Is Quantum Machine Learning really a Game Changer?

Claudia Pohlink (Head of AI at Telekom Innovation Laboratories) and Fabian will have a heated and controversial discussion about the status and potential of Quantum Machine Learning. Claudia will explain, what Quantum Machine Learning really is and why this technology will help to solve the big world problems.

Pivot the Government - How to digitize the State

For this episode our guest is Thomas Heilmann, entrepreneur, business angel and member of the German Parliament. We will discuss his newest book about restarting the government. Join us and ask him how blockchain and AI can be used. Or how the government has to pivot to stay lean and competitive. Or why the political system should learn from startups, and why data should be free for everyone.

The Age of EM - When Robots Rule the Earth

Fasten your seatbelt and start your journey into the future, When Robots Rule the Earth. Our guest is Prof. Robin Hanson, author of several books and an AI researcher with a focus on future predictions.
Join the live discussion about copying humans onto computers. Ask your questions, such as what happens when human brains can be scanned and start building their own society.

Future Optimism - Why AI brings us a whole new system

For this episode we have Chris Boos, CEO at arago AG, as our guest. Chris is an entrepreneur, political advisor for digitalization and a forward-thinker. Join an interesting conversation about why we need a new system in the age of machines. Discuss live with us how technology can help humankind overcome global warming, refugees movements, overaging and political radicalization.

The Post Corona World

Join an open discussion between Daniel Jeffries and Fabian. Dan is an author, futurist, system architect and thinker. Sign up for an exciting conversation about the mid-term and long-term implications of Covid19 on society, economy and human future.

Discovering AI trends and building business models

Join the trialog among Adrian Locher, Rasmus Rothe and Fabian. Rasmus & Adrian are the founders of Merantix – an AI-focused Venture Studio. They will talk about trends in the AI industry, how to start with ideas, what is worth scaling and what AI companies need to succeed.

Trustworthy AI - opening the Black Box

Join Fabian’s conversation with Dr. Beril Sirmacek about opening the Black Box of AI. We will talk about how AI frameworks can help machines be trusted and explainable. 

How to build an AI-first company

Fabian will speak with Erik Pfannmöller, CEO & Founder at Solvemate. Erik is an impressive entrepreneur and athlete. He will share his insights, how to start an AI company and scale it successfully.

AI for security and crisis management during Corona

Join Fabian into a conversation with Aleksandar Stojanovic, Chairman & Founder at AVA. They will speak about how AVA’s AI helps to manage the Corona Crisis and currently saves lives.


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