Building together a strong Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem.

We live in the „new normal“. Business continues and we are ready.

With our new and existing partners we have great plans for an exciting & thrilling AI Q3 and Q4 2020.

At Rise of AI we assist you with:

  • Live Events (Conferences, Summits, Dinners)
  • Hybrid Events, Live Casts, Live Shows and 100 % Virtual Events
  • Speaker Management
  • B2B Education (Webinars)
  • Content Generation (Podcasts, LiveCasts)
  • Content Distribution (Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Linkedin, Mailings)
  • Lead Generation 

Rise of AI offers you the opportunity to increase your market leadership in Europe, win new customers, identify collaboration partners, recruit talents, meet investors, discover M&A opportunities and enter the fast growing global AI industry.

Our 30,000+ Rise of AI Community are CEOs, Directors, Heads of Digital Transformation, AI Architects, Researchers, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals with a keen interest for Artificial Intelligence.

We are dedicated team, loving AI, since 2014. Read OUR STORY to learn more about us.

You can contact us anytime. 

For more details please feel free and download our Rise of AI 2020 Portfolio. 


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Thousand have attended our events over the past 6 years. Our profile is diverse, since Artificial Intelligence touches every industry and part of society.

We had in average following industry profile:

  • 40 % AI Infrastructure, AI Solutions, AI Products and AI Integration
  • 15 % Business Angels, Venture Capital Growth Capital and Finance Industry
  • 14 % Researchers and Universities
  • 11 % Automotive, Pharma, Retail and Manufacturing
  • 8 % Transformation Consultancy and Technology Agencies
  • 8 % Media, TV, Bloggers, Journalists
  • 4 % Politicians, NGOs, Administration

We aim to bring leaders togethers with those, who need guidance, solutions and seek advise. Therefore in the past our guests’ position profile was following:

  • 38 % CEO, CIO, CTO, Managing Partner, Chairman
  • 21 % Head of AI, Transformation Manager, Head of Digitalization
  • 11 % Professors and Senior Researchers
  • 9 % Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists and AI Architects
  • 6 % PhDs, Students and Young Professionals
  • 5 % Executive Directors and Directors of Research
  • 5 % Venture Capital, Accelerators, Inucabators
  • 5 % Journalists, Editors and Authors