Christian Kuhna

Christian Kuhna

Director Think Tank Future Trends - adidas

Within the adidas Group HR Strategy Team, Christian built up the so-called Think Tank for Future Trends and Innovation, shaping the adidas Group and People Strategy by translating global trends into strategy, organizational design and innovation & culture change projects. Christian also built up and runs the adidas Speaker Series, a kind-of internal inspirational talks.

As a strategy and communication expert with a focus on innovation, collaboration & knowledge management, he covers the spectrum of internal and external communications, as well as change management.

From Jan 2011 to August 2014, Christian developed the strategy and concept of the first adidas Group Corporate University, the Learning Campus. He built the organizational framework, developed the communication and marketing campaign and set-up the first physical location in Herzo as part of the overall learning framework, setting adidas up for the global launch in July 2014.

Before that, from Dec. 2007 to Dec. 2010, he established and led the Internal Communication Team for the adidas Group, which did not exist before, and established a one-voice communication across all brands, functions and markets. In 2011 Christian focused on building the foundations for a global, collaborative and social intranet, driving culture change and adoption. He also established first knowledge retention processes, coordinating Corporate Communication, HR and IT.

At Siemens Christian defined the external and internal web strategy, built up Issue Management, and worked as a Corporate Spokesperson and member of the Corporate Brand and Web Core-Teams. At DaimlerChrysler he headed web projects, like the set-up of the external and internal web sites for the merger of Daimler-Benz AG and Chrysler Corporation in 1998.

Christian grew up abroad in England, India, Nigeria and Greece and – with a Chinese wife, Greek stepmother, Hungarian brother-in-law and Dutch sister-in-law – he is living in his very own United Nations community.

His AI TOPIC TALK will be:

AI for or against Humans?

AI and the Future of Work – how man and machine will work together


The fast progressing digitalization of work, with the Internet of things, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence taking over more and more jobs, a lot of jobs will disappear, new jobs will appear – but all jobs will change. And not only once, but all the time. We have to now start thinking about shaping the relationship we want to have with software and robots, to work together and shape a positive future for us.