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The class reunion for AI pioneers

The Rise of AI 2024 conference brought together leading experts, decision makers and influencers from the AI community to discuss the future of artificial intelligence in society, politics and business.

Hosted by Veronika and Fabian Westerheide, this conference in Berlin featured keynotes from prominent figures such as Dr. Fabian Mehring and Volker Wissing, as well as discussions on AI advances, commercialisation challenges, and Europe’s competitive position in the global AI landscape.

The conference emphasised the need for significant investment in AI startups and highlighted Germany’s position in AI talent and innovation.

Selected speakers 2024

This was our line-up of our speakers.

Following guests and attendees have confirmed their public presence at Rise of AI:


Rise of AI Conference is hosted by and for the German AI Ecosystem:

  • Seek the exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs and people active in AI.
  • Extend your network with relevant personalities from the AI industry.
  • Understand the state of AI and field’s of use in 2024
  • Deepen your knowledge in sustainable AI, trustworthy AI, complying AI and secure AI.
  • Meet potential cooperation partners or multiplicators of the German AI ecosystem.
  • Win new contacts, leads and partners for your projects.
  • Join 40+ interactive formats from keynotes to roundtables
  • Receive exclusive invitations to partner events
Rise of AI Alumni Dinner 2022


Rise of AI connects diverse stakeholders from across Europe. Here, you’ll encounter key representatives from business, society, and research within the German AI ecosystem.

At our conference, decision-makers are in the majority. Most of our attendees hold top-tier positions such as CEO, CIO, CTO, or Managing Partner. At Rise of AI, leaders converge.

We also facilitate vital interactions with innovation drivers. 21% of our guests are Heads of AI, Transformation Managers, or Heads of Digitalization, underscoring our commitment to fostering progress.

Research and development of AI are strongly represented as well, with 11% of our guests being esteemed professors and senior researchers. We champion knowledge exchange at the highest level.

In addition, key roles like Data Scientists, Developers, Engineers, and AI Architects make up nearly 10% of our participants, enriching our professional tapestry.

With our AI Ecosystem Pass, we open doors for promising young talents, offering them an opportunity to engage with potential future employers or project partners.

Moreover, AI startups and companies are presented with invaluable opportunities to network with reputed investors and economic influencers, making Rise of AI an essential hub for AI advancement.


Your attendance at Rise of AI Conference 2024 paves the way to the frontline of European AI expertise, enabling direct interaction with leading speakers and key figures in the industry. We ensure you have ample private spaces, breaks, side events, and lounges for meaningful networking.

Our focus is on fostering genuine and valuable connections. To facilitate optimal networking, we carefully design our conference with ample time and space for interactive dialogue. Instead of impressing with high attendance numbers, we value quality over quantity in interactions.

We believe in building lasting connections that fuel progress and collaboration. To maintain this intimate networking environment, we limit the participant count to 200.

Experience the thrill of exploring vital topics in an informal, small-group setting. Our workshops, consistently a favorite among attendees, allow for hands-on exploration and learning. In 2024, we’ll continue this tradition with live workshops on various topics in Berlin.

Our Applied AI Stage centers on practical insights into launching, scaling, and going global with AI businesses; securing funding; hiring talent; and adopting best practices for integrating market-ready solutions.

At the Meta Stage, we delve into overarching policy and business concerns such as the Geo AI Strategy and the European AI Act. We also focus on critical aspects of AI Sustainability, AI Security and the ongoing wave of Generative AI.

Rise of AI Speaker Dinner 2022


Over the years, we have succeeded in creating a wide, interactive AI network with real interpersonal connections. It is a personal wish of Fabian and Veronika to be there for the Rise of AI community before, during and after the event.

We are very happy to hear that founders and investors meet at Rise of AI, or that researchers won new project partners. We have countless of these stories. Therefore the best thing is to attend and experience it for yourself.


We personally take care, that Rise of AI is sustainable as an event for itself. 

Our min contribution is streaming the event for free. Thousands have and will attended Rise of AI without the need to travel.

However for our 250 physical guests, we provide a high quality experience. 

Our catering is vegan-first, we offer gluten free options and our partners source only organic products. 

Due to working for years with the same partners, we reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.

Our print materials are recycled, we only use reusable porcelain and avoid useless give aways. 

Furthermore, we only use living plants for decoration and plant them in our forest afterwards.


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Rise of AI started with 10 people discussing the Singularity in 2014. Today Rise of AI is Europe’s most influential platform for the growing Artificial Intelligence industry.

Our mission is to build a thriving European ecosystem. We aim for AIs, which serve us and all human benefit with a longer and happier life.

Therefore we organize the yearly Rise of AI Conference. Furthermore, we educate, create awareness, advise and invest within the young but growing AI industry.

Our CEO, Fabian Westerheide, is an international expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. An avid sci-fi lover from childhood, Fabian has turned his lifelong passion for technology and human progress into his mission.

As CEO of Pandora Events Berlin and Co-Founder and COO of Rise of AI Conference, Veronika Westerheide has many years of experience in organizing high-quality, exciting tech and AI events. She is well-connected with leading AI companies, associations and other stakeholders and is also committed to the European AI ecosystem as Director Events & Network at KI Park e. V..

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