Agenda 2019

This was our detailed program for 6 tracks with 80+ speakers.

AI Future Stage
10:00 am
The state of the Artificial Intelligence industry in 2019
Fabian Westerheide
10:40 am
Digital Future- Research and Application of Artificial Intelligence in China
Prof. Yan Cui
11:10 am
Living in the post AI world
Charles-Edouard Bouée
11:40 am
AI in China, Europe and USA: A Comparison of Technology and Research
Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit
1:30 pm
AI made in Germany – responsible AI and amplifying human ingenuity
Damir Zubovic Ralph Kink
2:00 pm
World after Capital
Albert Wenger
2:30 pm
AI is not a threat, but a chance for our society
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Steier
2:40 pm
“Status Quo” in Politics and Society and why AI could be the Game Changer
Mario Brandenburg
3:00 pm
Debate: What do we need for “AI made in Germany”?
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Steier Dr. Tina Klüwer Dr. Stefan Heumann Mario Brandenburg Dr. Aljoscha Burchardt
4:00 pm
Facebook’s Perspectives on an Ethical and Privacy-by-Design Approach to Artificial Intelligence
PhD Norberto Andrade
4:30 pm
Digital Ethics – Shaping value-based AI
Manuela Mackert
5:00 pm
The AI Commons
Trent McConaghy
5:30 pm
AI in 5, 50 and 500 Years
Daniel Jeffries
6:00 pm
Decentralized AI
Dr. Ben Goertzel
6:20 pm
Closing Words
Fabian Westerheide
AI Applied Stage
10:30 am
Opening AI Applied Stage
Bibiana Barth
10:40 am
Cognitive Claims Handling with AI
Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss
11:10 am
AI for Enterprise: Challenges and Solutions from the messy real world
Pascal Weinberger
11:40 am
How AI adaptive technology can upgrade the education industry
Dr. KP Thai
12:10 am
Data Science Will Eat Its Children
Dr. Georg Wittenburg
1:30 pm
How to put AI to work in different industries – use cases and client examples
Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim
2:00 pm
How to turn your ideas in AI into products
Ulrich Schmidt
2:30 pm
Breast cancer detection with IBM PowerAI Vision
Florin Manaila
3:00 pm
AI is fuelling all areas of business
Bart Schneider
3:30 pm
How to operationalize AI? Our experience with the journey from concepts to outcomes
Christian Kirschniak
4:00 am
Virtual Human Agent for Smart City
Atsushi Ishii
4:30 pm
Face Recognition and using our existing camera infrastructure to make intelligent decisions
Shaun Moore
5:00 pm
Are you really safe? Understanding and predicting Crime, Terror, Disaster
Aleksandar Stojanovic
5:30 pm
AI Healthcare – A Cybernetic Perspective
Martin Ciupa
AI Evolution Stage
2nd floor
10:30 am
Opening AI Evolution Stage
Speaker to be announced
10:40 am
Overcoming fundamental problems of (machine) intelligence research
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett
11:10 am
What are you talking about, HAL? The Why, the What, and the How of Explainable AI
Dr. Tarek R. Besold
11:40 am
Bees and Robots: How modern biological research brings new challenges and inspiration to technology.
Prof. Dr. Tim Landgraf
12:10 pm
Artificial vs. Natural intelligence: can the brain still teach us better machine learning?
Prof. Dr. Moritz Helmstaedter
2:00 pm
Live, love, die, repeat: From worm to AI.
Dr. Wagner Steuer Costa
2:30 pm
Learning from Data but not Labels
Jakob Uszkoreit
3:00 pm
Towards a General Theory of Intelligence
Peter Morgan
3:30 pm
Benchmarking progress towards AGI
Marek Rosa
4:00 pm
What is next big thing in AI technology?
Prof. Dr. Christian Guttmann
4:30 pm
Is it possible to create Strong AI?
Dr. Helmut Linde
5:00 pm
The Democratization of AI
Dinakar Munagala
5:30 pm
Symphonia Universalis (#SU) – a journey into sound
Marc Engenhart
6:00 pm
Deep Learning to save lives. The role of AI in revolutionizing Medicine and Patient Care.
Monishwaran Maheswaran
AI Unicorn Stage
2nd floor
10:30 am
Opening AI Unicorn Stage
Jasper Masemann
10:40 am
ESA AI Demo: How to apply AI on Earth Data
Daniel Seidel Anouk Visser Gautier Chapuis
11:50 am
i2x – Human Augmentation through automated conversation analytics and coaching
Michael Brehm
12:10 am
Ultimate.ai – Augment, do not Replace
Reetu Kainulainen
2:00 pm
Leverton – What’s next for AI? The Quest for Advanced Intelligence
Florian Kuhlmann
2:20 pm
Micropsi Industries – AI for industrial robots
Ronnie Vuine
2:50 pm
Konux – The first AI product for railway infrastructures
Vlad Lata
3:10 pm
Toposens – Using sound and AI to enable low cost 3D-environment perception systems
Tobias Bahnemann
3:40 pm
Starmind – How AI unlocks massive productivity potentials
Oliver Muhr
4:00 pm
Merantix Health – Automatic analysis of medical images with deep learning
Jonas Muff
4:30 pm
Ask me anything about the future of AI driven business models
Ben Blume Jasper Masemann Dr. Rasmus Rothe
5:00 pm
Artificial Intelligence made in Asia
Tak Lo
5:30 pm
Actual VC perspectives on AI
Dr. Christian Nagel
AI Topic Tables
AI World
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 12: Leading edge AI development environment: Open, robust & fast (hyper parameter optimization), integrated with Hybrid-/Multi Cloud with transparency of statistical and systematic errors.
Carsten Dan Otto
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 11: The state of AI in the Nordic region
Lisa Mallner
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 9: Insights and best practices for the application of AI in companies
Dr. Andreas Liebl
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 10: Space for AI – how satellites in combination with AI can help support sustainable development
Speaker to be announced
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 8: Cloud AI Platform
Spencer Lamb
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 7: AI in the capital region
Manuel Friedrich
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 6: AI in healthcare – from personalised medicine to virtual doctors
Iris Hulzink
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 5: AI in HR – A Love-Hate Relationship?
Anna Ott
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 4: Ethical questions and AI Leadership ethics for machines
ao. Prof. Dr. Dr. Justinus Pech
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 3: Ms. AI – How women can stay relevant with the rise of AI
Nancy Nemes
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 2: How to train and use a conversational A.I.
Dr. Tina Klüwer
9:00 am
AI Topic Table No. 1: The world of AI Chips and Processors and how they will take us close to AGI
Dr. Shashi Bobba
AI Deep dive workshops
AI World
11:30 am
Doing AI @ Scale on state of the Art GPU Accelerated Hardware – Tools and Recipes for Productivity
Florin Manaila Dr. Adolf Hohl
2:00 pm
Before AI Rises – Factors that Determine the Disruptiveness of Artificial Intelligence in an Enterprise
Dr.-Ing. Marco Lützenberger
4:00 pm
Skin cancer detection using IBM PowerAI
Kacper Łukawski
5:00 pm
Experiences from AI projects: What works? What doesn’t?
Wolfgang Bosch

Join our four stages and various interactive formats. 

The AI Future Stage is dedicated to the bigger questions. Here you can start, if you have little knowledge about AI yet. We will start easy and increase the level of challenges for your brain over the course of the day.

This stage will inspire you to think about new topics, question the status quo and hopefully provide you with plenty of ideas.

The AI Applied Stage is perfect for those, who need AI at their company. Our hands-on speakers will share their approaches and solutions for successful projects. They will also share their problems and challenges they faced implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Join the AI Evolution Stage to stay up to date with most recent findings, research and approaches in the fields of Artificial Intelligence. We have technical topics from how to replace faces in videos, what we can learn from human brains to build AIs to what are the next steps to true Artificial General Intelligence?

The AI Unicorn Stage will give you unique insights in world of startups and young growing AI companies. Furthermore you can meet Europe’s leading investors and VCs, who will share their view on the current AI market and development.

Enrich your stay with our discussion at the AI Topic Tables or deepen your knowledge with your AI Deep Dive Workshops