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»Fabian collects a lot of brilliant thinkers.«

Daniel Jeffries

Author & Futurist

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Rise of AI started with 10 people discussing the Singularity in 2014. Today Rise of AI is Europe’s most influential platform for the growing Artificial Intelligence industry.

Our mission is to build a thriving European ecosystem. We aim for AIs, which serve us and all human benefit with a longer and happier life.

Therefore we organize the yearly Rise of AI Conference, Rise of AI Virtuals Chats and the Rise of AI Summit. Furthermore, we educate, create awareness, advise and invest within the young but growing AI industry.

Our CEO, Fabian Westerheide, is an international expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. An avid sci-fi lover from childhood, Fabian has turned his lifelong passion for technology and human progress into his mission.

Veronika Westerheide, COO of Rise of AI and Founder of Pandora Events Berlin, is the ideal partner for customers and events in the digital industry. Since 2012, Veronika has been supporting well-known, globally active companies in the digital industry with the realization of their events. With more than 300 successfully managed event projects and more than 15,000 guests, Veronika Westerheide stands for comprehensive expertise in all areas of the high-end event business; in Germany, Europe and worldwide