Rise of AI

May 2018 | Berlin



We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day. AI is already consuming our personal lives, we are simply not always aware of it. It is therefore extremely important for us to understand the status of Artificial Intelligence. We have created a platform to share our vision and learnings about Artificial Intelligence. Together we discuss the implications of Rise of AI for our human life, companies, society and politics.



We have selected speakers who have a clear message, a mission and vision of the future. Each speaker knows their field of Artificial Intelligence inside out. We also have workshops with our AI Topic Leaders, where you can dive deeper into one specific topic and share your knowledge with us. For 2018 we will offer you two stages: Artificial Intelligence Vision and Applied Artificial Intelligence.


We have limit the conference to 500 people in order to keep it intimate and build an environment where each participant can freely share their thoughts and opinions on the future.

Your hosts