The Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence has started


We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day. AI is already part of our personal lives, we are simply not always aware of it. It is therefore extremely important for us to understand the status of Artificial Intelligence. We have to share our vision of Artificial Intelligence (until Singularity?), and we need to discuss the implications of Rise of AI for our human life, companies, society and politics.


We have started with small group of 15 people, who met one evening at cbase Berlin to discuss Artificial Intelligence. Today we are hosting our fourth conference with more than 500 guests (see 2017). Rise of AI is a full day conference for those, who like to understand Artificial Intelligence, learn about Applied AI and be inspired about the Vision of Artificial Intelligence. It takes place every year in Berlin.


We believe in speakers who have a clear message, a mission and a vision of the future. We have selected each of them because they have experience speaking in public and sharing a strong opinion on Artificial Intelligence.


Every participant shares your interest in Artificial Intelligence and has his/her own thoughts about the future. We encourage you to meet, to talk and to exchange ideas. Therefore we offer a large exhibition area, a smart matchmaking networking app and several meeting points.


Fabian has visited conferences all over the world as a speaker, AI investor and entrepreneur. He understands that content is king and the audience has to be well chosen.

Veronika runs her own event management agency in Berlin and has organized conferences in Europe and the USA. She is passionate about AI and creating unforgettable memories. Together it is our goal to provide you an unforgettable day.