Dr. Steffen Wachenfeld

Dr. Steffen Wachenfeld

CPO - Ocono

Dr. Steffen Wachenfeld is a digital native, has grown up with CPM, Z80 processors and daisy wheel printers, who has followed the latest technologies since the early 80s. He is invited nationally and internationally to conferences as expert on topics such as ‘Big Data’, ‘Pattern Recognition’ and ‘Machine Learning’. Steffen has a founded four tech businesses and is currently working as Chief Product Officer in the area of data-driven mobile advertising. Steffen holds two Master’s degrees in Information Systems/Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Machine Learning. His current areas of interest are virtual reality, blockchain/cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

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Talks cover: Industry 4.0 Applied AI at Airbus Applied AI at Trusted Shops Applied AI at SAP Applied AI at Telekom Applied AI in Automotive Applied AI in Marketing Applied AI in Legal Applied AI in Finance Applied AI in Healthcare

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