Shiwei Bao

Shiwei Bao

Shiwei is a master student studying Computer Science in Delft University of Technology(TU Delft) in Netherlands, currently working on her thesis in Dutch Railway. Before that, she did her Bachelor in Information Management & Information System and a one-year exchange study in TU Delft sponsored by China Scholarship Council. Her passion is in Machine Learning, algorithms and other fields in Data Science. She would like to discover more opportunities to apply data science techniques in industry after graduation.

AI Demos: AI for Earth Observation from space (ESA)

AI Startup & Research Stage

Combine the power of AI with Earth Observation Data from space to develop the new generation of information services. After the presentation of your AI4EO case study, ESA will select the most innovative company, which will get a one year subscription to the Sentinel HUB prototyping environment.