Dr. Matthias Plaue

Dr. Matthias Plaue

Data Scientist

Dr. Matthias Plaue is Chief Data Scientist at mapegy GmbH in Berlin. He is responsible for serving actionable intelligence to the company’s customers by mining information from various heterogeneous, mostly unstructured data sources, such as patents, scientific publications, internet news, dictionaries and company registers, via a host of methods such as natural language processing, network analysis, Bayesian learning, and more.

A mathematical physicist by training, he authored and published numerous scientific works on differential geometry, relativity theory, image processing, and pedestrian dynamics. Matthias, naturally, has an extensive academic track record.

His AI Topic is:

Amplifying Human Cognition and Intuition for Smart Business Decisions

Everybody is hyped about autonomous, self-driving cars – even though (most) humans are already very good at driving a vehicle through traffic, so you could argue that this technology merely serves human convenience. A problem which is not tractable for humans without the help of machine intelligence, however, is sifting through terabytes or even petabytes of data and quickly identify the important bits and pieces of information that drive smart decisions and actions. In this workshop, Dr. Peter Walde (CEO of mapegy) and Matthias will talk about the needs of decision-makers – innovation and technology managers in particular – to augment their mental faculties with machine intelligence.