Helen Tung

Helen Tung

Legal Futurist

Helen provides strategic legal advisory service for space, tech- transport (Air, Land, Sea & Space) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) and robotics (STAR) for start ups and businesses.

Working with lawyers, startups and businesses to develop and advise on law and policy focusing on mission statements, risk management, strategic advice and values alignment.

Collaborating with Senior Management, Leaders, States, NGOs, Inter-Governmental Organisations and Think Tanks delivering seminars and talks in Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Ghana, Oslo, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

Speaking and presenting on recent topics including:

– Space exploration and technologies

– Autonomy

– Liability concerns of unmanned systems

– Data protection

– Cyber Security

Helen is passionate about issues of diversity, Women on Boards and mindfulness.

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