Dr. Tobias Lang

Dr. Tobias Lang

Data Scientist - Zalando

Tobias Lang is a data scientist at Zalando adtech lab Hamburg. He develops deep learning methods to understand customer behavior in the online fashion world. After finishing his PhD in machine learning and robotics, he joined Zalando in Berlin to develop Zalando’s product recommendation algorithms, before moving to the Hamburg office and investigating customer behavior.

His AI Topic is:

AI and E-Commerce – Let the computer live your (consumer) life?

AI and deep learning make computers increasingly better at predicting our future consumption wishes and demands. Soon, our mobile phone will order the ski jacket that’s missing in our wardrobe for our next trip to the Alpes, without us even knowing – of course, in the color and style that fits us best, and at the most favorable price. And while it’s at it, the machine also orders sunscreen and starts the Apres-Ski hitlist on Spotify. What’s technically realistic about such scenarios and what not? What will customers appreciate? And where would they prefer doing some of the actual living themselves? Let’s discuss this and future e-commerce in this workshop.