Dr. Jan Feyereisl

Dr. Jan Feyereisl

AI Research Scientist

Dr. Jan Feyereisl is the Executive Director of the AI Roadmap Institute and a Senior Research Scientist at GoodAI. He oversees the institute’s mission to accelerate the search for safe human-level artificial intelligence by encouraging, studying, mapping and comparing roadmaps towards this goal. As a scientist at GoodAI, together with his colleagues, he is developing general artificial intelligence – as fast as possible – to help humanity and understand the universe.

He has a background in machine learning and artificial intelligence and experience that spans across academia, industry and continents. Before joining GoodAI, he co-founded a quantitative investment management firm, worked at Samsung Global R&D and as a Research Fellow at universities in the United Kingdom and South Korea.


AI Roadmapping –¬†How to get to general AI fast?

Avoiding local optima and fashionable trends? What should we really focus on?