Dr. Christian Thurau

Dr. Christian Thurau

Co-founder at Twenty Billion Neurons

15+ years experience in data mining, machine learning, and pattern recognition.

10+ years experience in game data analysis (modeling player behavior, large-scale game metrics, pattern mining, social behavior analysis).

4+ years experience in computer vision (activity recognition, low-level features, large-scale classifiers, convolutional neural networks).

3+ years experience in teaching data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning courses at Msc. level.

Ph.D. in data mining/machine learning, worked on modeling of human behavior in games with NN and related methods (Quake II as a testcase).

Experience with SQL (MySQL, etc.), scientific databases (hdf5), NoSQL solutions, distributed file systems and distributed data analysis (Hadoop, Disco, Cassandra, etc.).

25+ years experience with programming in general (at the moment I prefer Python, other languages I used include C, C++, Java, Haskell, Perl, …).

Experience in designing and managing software solutions, including complex mathematical software (e.g. the Python Matrix Factorization Toolbox http://pymf.googlecode.com)

Experience working in demanding and deadline intensive environments.

Specialties: Large-scale data analysis, latent models, pattern recognition, matrix factorization, media and game data analysis, human behavior modeling and classification, Python, metrics, massive data