Dr. Beril Sirmacek

Dr. Beril Sirmacek

Beril Sirmacek (Dr.-Eng.) is the inventor of the farmAR framework at her company create4D (www.create4D.com). Her invention brought Copernicus Masters DLR Health, Energy and Environment Challenge finalist award to her company create4D in 2016 and Copernicus Masters B2B Challenge winner award to her co-founded company farmAR in 2017. She is highly enthusiastic about creating useful software services for everyday life, based developments in remote sensing, big data, deep learning, AI and AR fields.

AI Demos: AI for Earth Observation from space (ESA)

AI Startup & Research Stage

Combine the power of AI with Earth Observation Data from space to develop the new generation of information services. After the presentation of your AI4EO case study, ESA will select the most innovative company, which will get a one year subscription to the Sentinel HUB prototyping environment.