Caroline Nieto

Caroline Nieto

Caroline is CEO at Oleginosas Caribú in Colombia, currently a Master Student in
Intercultural Conflict Management at the Alice-Salomon Hochschule, holds a Master
degree in Project Management from the EAN University and the Université du Québec
and a Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine. With ten years of experience in different fields that
include academic research in reproduction biotechnology in sheep and crocodiles.
Focused on management development of commercial projects. Enthusiastic learner, sci-
fi and fantasy author and in love with the AI and its applications in society, the challenges
of the participation of non-humans as new stakeholders, the social impact of the
application of AI in agriculture focused on animal health and welfare, sustainable food
production and public health. She is interested in multidisciplinary research and the use
of AI to provide society tools for the peaceful conflicts resolution. She wishes to find a
perfect field to focus her master’s thesis and hopes to discover new opportunities and
participate in research teams in AI in daily life, conflict resolution, peace processes.

AI Demos: AI for Earth Observation from space (ESA)

AI Startup & Research Stage

Combine the power of AI with Earth Observation Data from space to develop the new generation of information services. After the presentation of your AI4EO case study, ESA will select the most innovative company, which will get a one year subscription to the Sentinel HUB prototyping environment.