100+ speakers, AI Topic Leaders and experts will be on our 7 content streams 2020.


Join the Rise of AI Conference 2020 as a speaker. Share your ideas, concepts, learnings and solutions with 1000 AI lovers, researchers, users, investors, politicians and entrepreneurs. 

December 31st 2019 was deadline for phase 2. Late entries are possible, but have a smaller chance of being accepted.

You can chose what format you prefer to share content with us:

  • AI Future Stage for AI Ethics, AI Strategy, International AI Industry, AI Politics, AI Long-term, AI Social
  • AI Applied Stage for use cases, learnings, best-practise, vertical solutions, companies > 100M in revenues or AI focused agencies/consultancies
  • AI Society Stage for AI ethics, explainable AI, unbiased AI, future of work 
  • AI Evolutions Stage for researchers, developers, data scientists to discuss the state of AI, frameworks, models, data, learning algos, AGI and SAI.
  • AI Topic Leaders will be in charge for a 45 minute discussion for a topic of their choice. Those are NOT presentations and similar to the World Cafe format
  • AI Deep Dive Workshops for hands on trainings, implementation and operational topics.
  • Plus anything we might be missing. We would love to have speakers to talk about Nanotech, UBI and Brain Machine Interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence is relevant for everyone. Therefore we aim for maximal diversity of speakers and topics. We strongly encourage female speakers to apply.


In the past years we had a great variety of speakers. Check them out, since they will be reference for 2020.