Learn from our AI experts.

Discuss With Our AI Topic Leaders

There are countless questions and even more answers and opinions. Choose a topic and discuss it with a group of participants.

Artficial Intelligence presents us with solutions as well as with challenges. Our job is to confront them, discuss them and bring them to the fore.

We have selected our AI Topic Leaders with this in mind. They are experts in their fields and will each be in charge of one chosen AI Topic. You can join the discussion, exchange your thoughts with others, learn, share and reach conclusions together. We will collect your results from these AI Topic Sessions at the end. Let’s work together to make a real impact.

Here are the first AI Topics, with more to follow.

AI Security
How do we prevent machines from harming humans?

Self-Driving Machines
Legal consequences of self-driving cars. Limitations of self-flying drones. Risks of self-driving trucks.

AI Transforms Healthcare
Cheaper drug discovery. Faster diagnosis. Better treatments. Longer life?

Fintech = AI + Blockchain
Is the Fintech industry leading banks to turn to Artificial Intelligence and blockchains?

Artificial Intelligence As a Service
New business models. Nothing owned. Everything rented.

Chatbots – Your Personal AI
Talking to AI. Learning from AI. Having AI manage your life.

AI Protecting Your Home
AI for home security. Sleeping better. Feeling safer?

Jobless Future
Replacement by machines. Creation of jobs. Human labor obsolete. A future without work?

The Singularity Might Be Closer Than You Think
What is the Singularity? When will it come? What will happen?