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Education & Training

Rise of AI offers workshops to educate yourself and team. Learn everything you need to understand about Artificial Intelligence. After your successful participation, you will receive a certification and materials. 

Contact us, if you are interested to join or book the whole workshop for your team.



This training is dedicated to C-level, product and project managers with limited technical knowledge.

During the workshop, you learn:

  • Machine learning taxonomy
  • Tools overview
  • AI-based project workflow
  • AI transformation
  • Building AI teams
  • Quality control
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Many data science or machine learning projects fail due to mistakes done during the project development. We can group the mistakes into a few most popular that if known earlier can make your project successful. The training also gives a better understanding of the topic of artificial intelligence for technical and non-technical managers. We go through the process of the AI transformation and show a few tips on how to make the transformation easy. Many managers also try to build machine learning related projects in an agile process in a similar way as it’s done in a typical software development project. We show how to do it right and structure the team. Another important topic that is covered in the training is related to quality and signs when to stop the development or research. Finally, we go through several business cases and show customers challenges, expectations and how we solved it.

Participants will understand:

  • What types of machine learning methods exist
  • How to due diligence data science projects
  • Important roles in the structure of AI driven companies



Companies have to understand the decisions made by autonomous systems. It is essential to debug the models, retrain the system and have everything compliant with regulation.

During the workshop, you learn:

  • What Explainable AI (XAI) is
  • Differences between black and whitebox models
  • Model agnostic methods
  • Explaining deep neural networks 

Participants will understand:

  • The difference of machine learning models
  • What types of models are easier to explain
  • Methods used to explain machine learning models
  • To use model agnostic methods
  • To interpret machine learning models


3rd June 2020 -Virtual

This training is dedicated to Managers and entrepreneurs who want to understand what Data Science is about.

During the workshop, you learn:

  • Data Science terms
  • Pipelines
  • Machine learning methods taxonomy
  • Use cases of Machine learning methods
  • Neural networks and deep learning explained 

There are plenty of different concepts related to Data Science, and it might be quite hard to understand the differences if you don’t have a necessary background. 

If you still struggle to differentiate between data analysis, data science, machine learning, deep learning, etc. then this workshop is designed for you.

We are going to discuss all the necessary taxonomy, present some real cases to get you inspired, and give a better understanding of current state-of-the-art techniques and things which might be achievable, and the ones which don’t.

In the days where we have autonomous cars, drones, and automated medical diagnostics, we want to learn more about how to interpret the decisions made by the machine learning models. Having such information we are able to debug the models and retrain it in the most efficient way.

his training is dedicated to managers, developers and data scientists that want to learn how to interpret the decisions made by machine learning models. We explain the difference between white and black box models, the taxonomy of explainable models and approaches to XAI. Knowing XAI methods is especially useful in any regulated company.

We go through the basic methods like the regression methods, decision trees, ensemble methods, and end with more complex methods based on neural networks. In each example, we use a different data set for each example. Finally, we show how to use model agnostic methods to interpret it and the complexity of the interpretability of many neural networks.

Participants will understand:

  • What Data Science is about,
  • The taxonomy of machine learning methods,
  • Data Science projects pipeline.


Rise of AI started with 10 people discussing the Singularity in 2014. Today Rise of AI is Europe’s most influential platform for the growing Artificial Intelligence industry.

Our mission is to build a thriving European ecosystem. We aim for AIs, which serve us and all human benefit with a longer and happier life.

Therefore we organize the yearly Rise of AI Conference and the German AI Week. Furthermore we educate, create awareness, advise and invest in the young but growing AI industry.

Our CEO, Fabian Westerheide, is an international expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. An avid sci-fi lover from childhood, Fabian has turned his lifelong passion for technology and human progress into his mission.

Veronika Westerheide, COO of Rise of AI and Founder of Pandora Events Berlin (www.pandoraevents.de), is the ideal partner for customers and events in the digital industry. Since 2012, Veronika has been supporting well-known, globally active companies in the digital industry with the realization of their events. With more than 300 successfully managed event projects and more than 15,000 guests, Veronika Westerheide stands for comprehensive expertise in all areas of the high-end event business; in Germany, Europe and worldwide