Veronika Westerheide has organized over 300 events over the past few years. Since 2013, she has been running her own event agency, Pandora Events Berlin, which specializes in high-end B2B events. She likes to ask her husband:

“When are we finally going to get our own home AI system?”

Fabian Westerheide is a digital entrepreneur based in Berlin. Before he entered the era of Artificial Intelligence, he created Europe’s largest marketplace for wedding dresses and sold it several years later to Hochzeitsportal24. It just wasn’t techie enough for him.

Today Fabian is host of the annual Rise of AI conference. He runs the venture capital company Asgard, with a pure focus on Artificial Intelligence. He is also the coordinator for Artificial Intelligence at the German Startup Association and attends meetings with several Think Tanks to discuss the implications of AI & the jobless future.

Regularly Fabian speaks at international conferences about how AI is consuming the world.

His favorite sci-fi authors are William Hertling, Charles Stross and Daniel Suarez.

He has written over 175 articles about entrepreneurship, venture capital and Articial Intelligence at his blog