Ronnie Vuine

Ronnie Vuine

AI Entrepreneur

Ronnie Vuine is one of the founders & the CEO of micropsi industries, a Berlin AI company that brings advanced machine learning into manufacturing. Ronnie studied philosophy and computer science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Before starting micropsi industries, he co-founded, a global e-book retailer, and, as a management consultant, helped major European banks with the digitalization of their retail business.

How the we create the future of AI


Exciting Entities from The Future Ronnie’s talk explores the very excitement of talking about AI, and examines the temporal loops that connect future technologies, like scalable artificial intelligence, with the present through phantasies, business, sex and techno-sorcery. If the future is not an undiscovered country, to be explored by us, humanity, history’s subject: What is […]

Status of Artificial Intelligence in 2017