Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic

Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic

Brain Researcher

Danko has spent many years researching the brain at the Max-Planck Institute, and is associated with Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and the University of Zagreb. His insights into the functioning of the brain led him to invent AI-Kindergarten. He currently works as a practitioner of machine learning and data science at CSC.

Danko has a unique perspective on the future of AI, of what strong AI should constitute of, and whether or not AI will ever be able to reach human level of intelligence. He opposes the expectations of an upcoming singularity, and is especially worried about the rapidly spreading fears of an inevitable (rouge) super-intelligence. He believes that the available scientific knowledge speaks strongly against both, singularity and super-intelligence.

Watch Danko’s last talk at Rise of AI.

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