Pascal Weinberger

Pascal Weinberger

AI Entrepreneur

Pascal C. Weinberger has used most of his time and focus so far to dive deep in the field of computational Neuroscience and Machine-Learning, with the long term goal of bringing these two worlds closer together, e.g. rebuilding the algorithms of the neocortex, while on the way leaving his footprint with global impact projects which are leveraging the immensely growing power of technology and data. 

He has done multiple research projects together with renowned institutes like the DFKI and the Max-Plank Institute of Neuroscience. 

After joining Numenta in early 2014, he worked with Google[x] and the Google Brain Group on a couple of R&D projects in this space. 

Now he is working as a contractor with many clients as a R&D and Data-Science Management and Strategy Consultant with his own Consulting Company to fund his own research. Pascal has also founded a Startup and is Mentor and Advisor to some.

Topic: “Leveraging the experience of evolution to solve real world problems with AI”

In this Workshop, we will explore how we can take advantage of the field of neuroanatomy and neuroscience to build better algorithms that are a bit closer to the brain then most conventional ones. This enables us, as we will find, to achieve great results in time-series  analysis. Then we will move forward to explore some of the current and potential applications, focusing on the really interesting and evolving field of “smart Agriculture”.

During this workshop we will learn a little about our own thinking organ, how to leverage and apply its principles on real world problems through AI-Technology.