300 % Content, Networking and Inspiration


Two stages + huge networking area

On two stages we will provide you with 15+ talks, keynotes, demos and panels. After our conference you will have a pocket full of new contacts and a brain system overload.

Visionary and high-level question we will discuss with you:

What is the status for Artificial Intelligence 2018?

How does the roadmap to Artificial General Intelligence look like?

How real is the risk of Superintelligence?

When will AI exceed Human performance?

How does society look like in the workfree future?

How does the world order look like with AI?

Entering the Matrix with AI

On the Applied AI stage we will be more operative and have deep-dives:

Researchers show their findings for Natural Language Generation, Deep Learning, Cognitive Systems, Transfer Learning, Hybrid Systems and more.

Use cases by companies how to implement Artificial Intelligence at your company.

Startups showing their products and innovations.

And furthermore:

Will AI + military be a danger or more security?

The influence of AI on the financial industry.

AI + Blockchain = decentralized smart companies

AI + Healthcare = how we will live longer.

AI will optimize the energy market.

AI + Robotics = one robot for every human

AI + Agriculture = the end of world hunger? 

AI managing our Augmented and Virtual Realities

+ our 1000 square meter large exhibition

Anything missing we should cover? Then please shoot an email to fabian@riseof.ai.